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Are your reliability and asset management programs meeting your needs?

Reactive maintenance culture

Unplanned breakdowns and patchwork fixes are impacting operating efficiency and draining maintenance budgets.

You are so focused on chasing alarms that you are falling further behind on critical maintenance tasks, impacting performance, safety, and morale. You may have a skilled workforce, but you do not have enough people, processes, or tools to optimize maintenance while running lean maintenance.

Reap a 40% total cost of ownership advantage and run your plant the right way from Day 1 [Figure Above].

Greenfield and brownfield sites

Are you under pressure to get the new assets online on time and on budget?

Before starting up, you need highly skilled, temporary specialists to develop proactive maintenance plans and spare parts programs.

Going from a reactive to proactive culture

[customer story]

A biotechnology company based in the United States had no formal asset management program, in addition to an excessive amount of reactive maintenance. This led to high program risks.

After implementing Triad’s solution, the company moved from a high-cost performance risk profile, aligning with industry best practices and saving $3,970,394 over 3-years in capital and operating investments.

We are the frontline of reliability

Triad Unlimited is a global reliability engineering leader


Service professionals with an average of 15+ years domain experience


Projects completed with positive impact on customer performance

Triad Unlimited is the go-to partner in reliability engineering and lifecycle asset management. We are professional asset management, reliability, and maintenance subject matter experts with comprehensive industry experience in performance improvements.

Using risk-based, data-driven solutions, we support individual projects to full program implementations for aging and undeveloped sites around the world.

Triad works with customers to identify the benefits to be realized and measured as a direct output of every engagement.

  • Optimized capital and operating budgets
  • Increased uptime, throughput, availability, and performance
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Empowered and skilled workforce
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Improved health, safety, and environment
  • Asset management program sustainability and performance

Comprehensive service offering

The scope of our products and services are in Life Cycle Asset Management, true Reliability Engineering, Inventory Management, Work Execution, Calibration, and Long-Term Capital Planning Analysis in support of Operational Excellence.

Triad utilizes our proven Asset Management System Framework, a risk-based approach, data analytics, a robust learning management system, and leading-edge proprietary technology that enable us to partner in our customer’s sustainable success and consistently exceed project expectations.

It’s about balancing performance, cost, and risk.

Triad provides trusted and effective solutions for complex problems. We develop and implement tailored programs that empower our customers to monitor, measure, and optimize performance.

From analyzing individual parts or assemblies to applying a strategic focus on your site or overall network, our solutions help to create the greatest impact on your performance, costs, and risks.

Improve performance through proactive maintenance tasks and by having the right parts on hand.

Reliability strategy optimization is at the core of Triad’s business and is essential to an asset management program’s implementation. It encompasses maintenance and reliability asset data development and analysis to deliver optimized proactive maintenance tasks (PMs), that address the root causes of equipment failure to mitigate potential failures.

From the identified failure modes, spare parts are identified for stocking optimization analysis. The deliverables support an improved maintenance and reliability program that provides measurable return on investment, increased asset reliability, and production throughput.

The Triad reliability strategy optimization will deliver failure-mode based job plans and spare parts to optimize production throughput, quality and OEE.

Trusted partner to the world’s best companies.

Triad excels in regulated, validated, and compliant professional environments and can support individual projects to full program “Big Picture” implementations for greenfield sites to aging facilities globally.

“We didn’t have the time or expertise to develop our PM program, so we brought in Triad. They have completed PMs for two of our plants and we are leveraging the optimized PMs throughout our global network of sites. They made us a priority. They don’t leave anything out. The return has paid for itself multiple times.”

N.A. Reliability Manager

Major Food Manufacturer

“Triad assessed our asset management program to support business continuity. This minimally invasive yet collaborative assessment advocated for the truth with a deep dive into ISO 55000 elements. The result was a tactical improvement project plan that didn’t just check boxes but drove improvements.”

Site Reliability Manager

Major Pharma Manufacturer

“We needed serious horsepower at a critical site in optimizing our maintenance and reliability program that includes FMEAs, PM development, spare parts, and planning and scheduling. Triad has exceeded all expectations of service, quality, and delivery, to the point that we have made them our preferred vendor.”

Global Reliability Manager

Major Pharma Manufacturer

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Our complimentary risk and cost performance analysis will identify your biggest asset performance and reliability challenges, and provide you with a list of recommended actions complete with ROI targets.

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