Maximize asset performance with proactive support

Manufacturing is not just about making things; it’s about making them better, smarter, and more efficiently.

ATS Lifecycle Service Plans support operational excellence through proactive maintenance practices and expert support. 

Realize your manufacturing system’s full potential

New technology, familiar challenges

As processes become more automated and complex, manufacturers face both new and familiar challenges in the daily battle to meet production targets and maintain critical assets.

Empower your operations team

ATS Lifecycle Service Plans help manufacturers identify and manage risks and increase operational performance.

Our services plans can be designed to provide:

  • Access to ATS expert support 
  • Maintenance program optimization
  • Parts inventory and obsolescence risk management
  • Greater visibility to machine health and production issues 
  • Operation and maintenance training, and more!

OEM experts 

Incorporates ATS’ 45+ years of experience building and optimizing advanced automated manufacturing systems 

Integrated support 

Data, software, analysis, and industrial services, such as reliability engineering and expert support, to keep equipment in peak operating condition 

Better value and experience 

Economies of scale, preferred labour rates, priority response times, access to ATS experts, software maintenance, etc. 

2x performance improvement

Employee turnover and patchwork fixes significantly degraded performance of automated assembly system. Recovery plan increased OEE from 45% to 90%.

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Streamlined production ramp-up

Cross functional team designs and implements performance recovery plan. ATS Lifecycle Service Plan locks in gains, and provides framework for further improvement.

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Design a support program to meet your operational goals  

No two automated manufacturing systems are alike, and neither are the needs of manufacturers when it comes to support. ATS Lifecycle Service Plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing operations, whether you are new to automation or taking delivery of your next system.

Support at every stage in the operational life of an automated manufacturing system 

Startup Service Plan

Additional ATS support during year

1 operations.

Production Service Plan

Higher sustained production and less downtime.

Fewer upgrades. Extended operating life.   

ATS Lifecycle Service Plans promote proactive maintenance practices that lower total cost of ownership. Other benefits include:

  • Sustained machine performance  
  • Predictable operating costs  
  • Proactive problem identification
  • Faster downtime recovery 

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