Digital services

Transforming data into decisions

ATS Digital Services help you sustain your manufacturing system performance with data-driven decisions on prem, at the edge, and/or in the cloud.

Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

On-premises real-time production performance monitoring system.

  • Monitor machine health and production performance in real-time
  • Reduce frequency of unplanned downtime events by detecting machine faults earlier and taking corrective action
  • Identify opportunities to improve production processes and eliminate waste
  • Pinpoint root cause of infrequent faults that are difficult to observe

Illuminate™ Debug Solution

The ATS Illuminate™ Debug Solution is an easy to use, patent-pending event-triggered video capture system that facilitates manufacturing process improvements, root cause analysis, and helps troubleshoot fast automaton equipment or infrequent process issues, which may be difficult to see with the human eye. Also available as standalone Illuminate EDGE Debug Kits.

Illuminate™ EDGE Debug Standalone Kits

Portable, no-code event-triggered video capture solution.

Using OPC/UA, the software uses the trigger to provide video at the exact point of interest with pre-event and post-event video captured at the time of the fault condition. Play back the full event at full speed or slow motion, and view circumstances leading up to and following the trigger event.

Each kit contains: camera, lighting, video storage, cabling, and includes video capture setup/viewing software that is pre-installed on its own industrial PC.

Annual Software Maintenance & Support

Benefit YoY with technical support + regular software updates.

  • Maintenance releases, patches, and support for new devices
  • Ongoing security enhancements and updates
  • Product & Technical Support | 8:00am – 5:00pm EST (excludes weekends and holidays, with option to upgrade to an enhanced remote support service)
  • Illuminate™ software licenses purchased through an ATS Lifecycle Service Plan include Annual Software Maintenance & Support

Enhanced Remote Support

Connect with ATS SME technical support during normal business hours or upgrade to 24/7 support.

  • On-demand access to a dedicated pool of subject matter experts
  • ATS mobile app that allows service ticket initiation and AR Video Support
  • Session reports with images and chat transcripts for future reference in your service history

In many cases issues can be fully resolved remotely thus reducing travel-related carbon emissions. If that is not possible, information obtained during a remote support session enables the field service technician to be much better prepared when they do arrive on site.

Smart Coach™ On-demand Platform

Direct access to the exact training and documentation needed at the point of use optimizes employee onboarding by reinforcing knowledge in the time between classroom training and actual system operation.

Improves knowledge retention through repetition by allowing new operators multiple opportunities to revisit target content as required and in-situ.

Fill skill gaps with quick access to site specific documentation and training videos linked to QR codes affixed to key stations and machines on the plant floor.

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Lifecycle services

Maximize Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) over the lifespan of your automated manufacturing systems.

Startup services

Accelerate ramp-up and reduce time to full production.

Reliability engineering

Identify the risks within your operating strategy to improve asset management practices and optimize capital allocation.

The ATS Service advantage

  • Comprehensive lifecycle service portfolio
  • Large, multidisciplinary workforce
  • Highly refined processes for testing and optimizing complex automation systems
  • Global footprint
  • Warranted work

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