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At ATS Global Service, our journey is powered by the passion and commitment of our people. They are the building blocks of our organization and the foundation of our success. Our belief is that if we have the right people and the right processes, we are able to achieve more than we can alone. Together, we can deliver on our purpose to positively impact lives around the world.

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Mechanical Engineer

Our Mechanical Engineers are instrumental in helping us shape the future of manufacturing automation technology. With hard work and creativity, they make their mark on the world by turning sketches and designs into functional solutions that redefine our customers’ manufacturing processes. There is no problem that can’t be solved with our mechanical engineers, and there is no end to their ingenuity.

Join us in challenging conventional processes, and help us pioneer innovations that will redefine the manufacturing automation space.

Controls Engineer

Our Control Engineers are at the heart of what we do: helping our customers maintain and optimize their manufacturing performance. In an industry that is becoming more automated, our Controls Engineers are leading the way with their continuous improvement mindset. When it comes to designing and maintaining a system, one small inaccuracy can significantly impact overall system performance. It requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to make sure that the machines are running smoothly and that all standards and specifications are accounted for in their design, implementation, and maintenance.

Join us and help us bring stability and growth to an industry that is constantly changing.

Field Service

Our Field Service employees are the backbone of our technical support team. They are adaptable, resourceful, and quick thinkers who are experts in diagnosing and repairing automated manufacturing equipment. They are an essential member of every team as they use their knowledge and expertise to help our customers tackle a wide range of technical problems. As the world of manufacturing advances, our Field Service employees will continue to push the boundaries of service excellence.

Join us in making an impact by keeping up to date with the latest manufacturing technologies and helping our customers move forward with confidence.

Machine Builder

Our Machine Builders are at the heart of our customers’ success, contributing to their efficiency and growth. Everyday is a fresh opportunity to make a tangible difference as they put to life the machines that power our industry. From beginning to end, they help to shape the future of automation and engineering as the machines grow in sheer size and scale. Our Machine Builders are the architects of the industrial manufacturing world, contributing to the success and advancement of modern technology.

Join us and help us build the future of manufacturing automation.

Industrial Electrician

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow, our Industrial Electricians are at the center of operations and sustainability. Their impact goes beyond installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting physical wiring and circuits as they navigate the intricacies of the electrical systems that power the manufacturing industry. Their dedication and expertise help to ensure seamless and uninterrupted flow in the next generation of manufacturing automation technologies.

Join us on our journey to build tomorrow, today.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Spandan Kale, Technical Team Lead, Digital Services

Spandan Kale, our Technical Team Lead for Digital Services, started his career at ATS Corporation as a co-op student, sparking his curiosity for automation and controls. As he explored opportunities in other industries, he ultimately returned to ATS Global Service as our Digital Solutions Specialist to help transform our digital business.

Spandan’s passion and commitment to our customers have led him to rise through the ranks in our Digital Services team. It is an inspirational story, exemplifying the spirit of our organization. Learn more about what makes ATS stand out in our interview with Spandan.

What position did you have at ATS as a co-op student? What did the position involve?

Controls Systems Software Design. I worked on PLC programming & HMI design for a large capex project and had the responsibility of commissioning of a few cells within this line.

What makes ATS unique compared to other companies?

The importance the company places on technology & innovation is very exciting and I’m glad to be a part of a company that strives to be a thought leader within the industry. I also think the ABM culture is special and having this ‘common language’ within the organization makes it far more metric and process-driven than other companies I’ve worked at. 

What role did ATS play in supporting your professional and personal development?

I highly valued my co-op experience at ATS. The responsibility I was given enabled me to truly ‘discover’ a passion for automation. Since rejoining ATS as an experienced professional I have always been supported to learn new skills. I have also been encouraged to develop my career further and explore exciting new paths, such as product and people management. I’ve also received both formal and informal mentorship within the organization.  

Can you briefly describe your journey at ATS that led to you becoming the Technical Team Lead? What kind of projects did you get to work on?

I joined ATS as a technical subject matter expert – a ‘Digital Solutions Specialist’ – and was encouraged to grow and develop our digital business. This included engaging our divisions in Europe as well as introducing our products to our install base in this region. I’ve had the opportunity to help shape and improve our digital offerings. As we have scaled our business, we also grew the team and defined a structure. It was an organic next step in my development to lead this team. 

What is the biggest reason why you have joined at ATS?

Ultimately this comes down to being happy, enjoying the things you work on and the people you work with, and having the opportunity to grow. I enjoy the culture within the organization and feel like I have a platform here to be successful. 

“I truly enjoy the ‘global’ aspect of our services organization and I’m inspired daily by the innovative and process-driven colleagues I get to collaborate with.

Spandan Kale

Technical Team Lead, Digital Services

“The culture within ATS, especially at the NASC – Global Service’s group really makes it a great place to work. Everyone there has been very helpful since day one. The group makes it so that you want to come to work every day and do a good job.”

Robert Dunn

Sales/Applications Engineering Supervisor

“ATS Corporation is the best company I have worked for in my career. It is a company that cares. From customers, and to all its employees and their families, ATS puts people first. It is an organization that inspires ideas, innovation, and growth to build a better tomorrow for all”.

David Cartier

Senior Business Intelligence & Data Analyst

“I enjoy working on challenging and rewarding projects with a skilled and friendly team. We deliver quality solutions for our clients, and we have a positive and inclusive work culture. ATS also supports my professional development and career growth and fosters a creative and innovative environment. I appreciate being part of this great company.”

Iris Jennison

Senior Software Developer

“I’ve had excellent opportunities to learn and grow within the organization. The best part is that I get to work with a diverse group of highly talented individuals on challenging projects, which provides me with new perspectives and keeps me motivated. I am proud to be part of an organization that prioritizes employees’ growth and actively fosters innovation to solve real-world problems.”

Samrood Abu

Project Manager, Data Process Management

Investing in our People

At the heart of ATS Global Service is our people. We strive to build a future that we can be proud of. By promoting peace of mind, development, and wellbeing, we empower our employees to find their place in the organization and define their futures.

Diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging

We believe that what makes us different, makes us stronger. To develop innovations and to enrich our culture in the manufacturing automation space, we celebrate the different skills, experiences, and perspectives that come with having a diverse workforce.

We are responsible for making sure that everyone feels like they belong and that they feel seen, heard, and welcome. It is not just about inclusivity and representation; it is about creating a catalyst for creativity, resilience, and success.

At ATS Global Service, we are an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer dedicated to diversity in the workplace. Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race, gender, color, disability, national origin, age, union affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran status, citizenship, gender identity and/or expression, or other status protected by law.

Visit to know your rights on workplace discrimination.

We are hiring the workforce of tomorrow – today!