Startup services

The startup challenge

The steep learning curve associated with integrating a new automated manufacturing system, and the difficulty of hiring and retaining skilled operators and maintenance technicians, creates a margin for error in operation and maintenance, which can lead to lost production hours and lower overall productivity.

Maximizing your investment

Count on the subject matter experts that created your machine to train your operators and technicians to maximize performance runs. Through regularly scheduled training in the installation process, your team can learn everything from the fundamentals to the very specific, as your line is validated for production. Empowering your employees with the confidence in skills and experience to spot nuisances early is only the start of what a lifecycle plan can provide.

Lifecycle asset management helps your production optimization from day one. Taking your facility from reactionary to proactive – with less down time and more uptime so you can meet your customers increasing needs. Let us partner with you to provide the best service possible.

Startup Service Plan

Additional ATS support during year 1 operations.

  • Accelerate learning curve and knowledge transfer
  • Use asset performance data to make better maintenance decisions
  • Establish operational best practices
  • Access to ATS SMEs to navigate production challenges
  • Spares on hand to lower operational risk


Opportunities for operators and maintenance technicians to work collaboratively (remotely and onsite) with ATS equipment SMEs during ramp-up to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Spare Parts

Recommended spare parts kits to reduce lead times and optimize inventory.


Analysis of production data and key performance metrics to improve event recovery procedures and visualize line performance.


Training to help maintain and operate equipment to the highest level of asset performance, including activities such as preventive maintenance, changeovers, fault recovery and troubleshooting.

Explore our services

Lifecycle services

Maximize Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) over the lifespan of your automated manufacturing systems.

Digital services

Improve operational performance and maintenance practices with advanced analytics and on-demand access to expert support.

Reliability engineering

Identify the risks within your operating strategy to improve asset management practices and optimize capital allocation.

The ATS Service advantage

  • Comprehensive lifecycle service portfolio
  • Large, multidisciplinary workforce
  • Highly refined processes for testing and optimizing complex automation systems
  • Global footprint
  • Warranted work

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