Centers of excellence

Elevating industrial service delivery

ATS Global Service has taken a pioneering step in enhancing the delivery of industrial services by establishing Centers of Excellence (COEs), a strategic initiative focused on elevating the customer service experience and strengthening our service capabilities. Our commitment to customer success is underscored by the role that COEs play in consolidating expertise and best practices, ensuring a standardized and high-quality experience for our customers.

Furthermore, our COEs serve as innovation incubators, enabling us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the industrial landscape. This infusion of innovation directly enhances our service capabilities. Whether it’s leveraging advanced analytics for predictive maintenance or incorporating AI and machine learning into inventory management solutions, our COEs ensure that we not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients.

Digital Center of Excellence

Our Digital Center of Excellence (Digital COE) is a pivotal force in delivering tangible benefits to our customers, ushering in a new era of efficiency and performance in industrial operations. One key advantage lies in our ability to create a connected asset value chain. By seamlessly integrating IoT technologies and connectivity solutions, our Digital COE ensures that every component in our customers’ operations is part of an interconnected ecosystem. This connectivity fosters real-time communication and data exchange across the entire value chain, optimizing processes and enhancing collaboration among various operational elements.

Better data, better decision making

Through advanced sensor technologies and data analytics, we enable comprehensive monitoring of our customers’ assets. This real-time monitoring provides valuable insights into asset health, usage patterns, and performance metrics. Armed with this information, our customers can make informed decisions about maintenance schedules, identify potential issues before they escalate, and ultimately ensure the reliability and longevity of their assets.

On-demand access to expert support

Remote support is a key feature facilitated by our Digital COE, providing our customers with instant access to expertise and assistance. Through remote monitoring and diagnostics, our experts can assess and troubleshoot issues in real time, offering timely support without the need for on-site visits. This not only minimizes downtime but also significantly reduces operational costs associated with travel and extended equipment disruptions. Our commitment to remote support ensures that our customers’ operations remain agile and responsive to evolving challenges.

Asset management in the smart manufacturing era

Our Digital COE empowers our customers to unlock new levels of productivity, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive in a digitalized and interconnected industrial landscape. In essence, our Digital COE is a catalyst for operational excellence, providing our customers with the tools and strategies needed to succeed in the era of smart manufacturing.

Digital Center of Excellence

Greater Visibility to asset performance

Digital Center of Excellence

Foster proactive maintenance practices

Digital Center of Excellence

Reduce incident response times

Digital Center of Excellence

Drive continuous improvement

Spares Center of Excellence

Avoid stockouts

Spares Center of Excellence

Reduce transaction costs

Spares Center of Excellence

Optimize stock levels

Spares Center of Excellence

Simplify purchasing

Spares Center of Excellence

Improve parts sourcing

Spares Center of Excellence

Our Spares Center of Excellence (Spares COE) is a strategic initiative designed to directly benefit our customers by enhancing operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and ensuring a seamless and reliable supply of critical spare parts. Through rigorous standardization and advanced forecasting techniques, our Spares COE ensures that the right parts are in stock when needed, minimizing equipment downtime and preventing disruptions to our customers’ operations.

Better parts inventory management practices

Our Spares COE’s focus on optimizing inventory control translates to cost savings for our customers. By avoiding overstocking and ensuring accurate demand forecasting, we help our customers reduce excess inventory carrying costs. This commitment to cost-effectiveness is part of our dedication to providing value-driven solutions, ensuring that our customers not only receive quality spare parts but also benefit from streamlined and cost-efficient inventory management practices.

Reduce customer effort and stockout risk

The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies into our inventory management solutions, driven by our Spares COE, further benefits our customers. For example, utilizing image recognition technology to reduce the time and effort required to identify and source parts through our eCommerce platform, and a database of known obsolete parts, used to monitor obsolescence risk across ATS-delivered automated manufacturing systems, and develop proactive mitigation strategies.

Reliability Engineering Center of Excellence

Our Reliability Engineering Center of Excellence (Reliability COE) is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering superior value to our customers. By focusing on precision, efficiency, and innovation, this specialized hub plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our customers’ operations run seamlessly. One of the primary benefits lies in our ability to harness digitalization and connected assets. Through the integration of IoT devices and smart sensors, we enable real-time monitoring of equipment health. This not only facilitates early fault detection but also empowers our customers with predictive insights, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

Optimizing maintenance practices

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a core focus of our Reliability COE, providing a structured methodology to optimize maintenance strategies. By conducting a thorough analysis of failure modes and consequences, we tailor maintenance plans to address the most critical issues, minimizing disruption and maximizing the reliability of our customers’ assets. This approach not only enhances operational resilience but also leads to substantial cost savings by eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities.

Improve operational performance

Through advanced analytics and machine learning, we continuously analyze and fine-tune the performance of our customers’ systems. This data-driven approach allows us to identify opportunities for improvement, enhance energy efficiency, and optimize overall system performance. By doing so, we contribute not only to increased reliability but also to improved operational efficiency, reducing operational costs for our customers.

Enhance internal capability

Furthermore, our Reliability COE serves as an invaluable knowledge-sharing platform. Through training programs and collaborative initiatives, we empower our customers’ teams with the latest industry insights and best practices in reliability engineering. This knowledge transfer ensures that our customers not only benefit from our Reliability COE’s expertise but also build internal capabilities to uphold and enhance the reliability of their operations in the long term. In essence, our COE for reliability engineering is a catalyst for operational excellence, providing our customers with a strategic advantage in a competitive business landscape.

Reliability Center of Excellence

Control asset management

Reliability Center of Excellence

Optimize capital expenditure

Reliability Center of Excellence

Reduce critical asset failure

Reliability Center of Excellence

Improve asset performance

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