Investing in
our people

Building futures, one person at a time

An investment in our people is an investment in the future. In our journey to grow and be successful, we empower our employees to nurture their growth and potential. We strive to ignite their passion, skills, and satisfaction to create an environment where they can thrive and excel. To this end, we continuously offer opportunities for our employees to develop, learn, engage, and inspire to make a positive difference in the company and in the world.

Benefits & perks

We invest in the health and wellbeing of our employees. Depending on where your role is based, benefits may include:

  • Health & dental benefits
  • Retirement saving plans
  • Employee share purchase plans
  • Employee discounts
  • Employee, Manager, and Sales Incentive Bonuses
  • Safety shoe purchase programs
  • Company bicycle programs
  • Lifestyle spending program

“At the heart of our journey is the amazing team that is ATS Service. Across our entire organization we make tomorrow better than today.”

Simon Roberts

SVP, ATS Service

Personal growth & development opportunities

We are invested in your personal growth and development through:

Online training

Access to SkillSoft , an online training library with over 180,000 courses for certifications and soft skills aligned with your career goals.

Job rotation programs

Expand your skills by spending time in different divisions or teams to gain new insights and experiences.

Mentorship program

Contribute to personal and professional development within ATS as a mentor or mentee and shape the future of success.

Supporting our people

We prioritize the wellbeing and development of our employees through various initiatives:

Employee assistance programs

Access counselling and other advice as well as health and dental care through our benefits plans*

Wellbeing Committee

Participate in employee-led group that hosts events and lunchtime webinars, and spreads awareness on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Professional Women’s Network

Empower women for future success through community connection, financial partnerships, sponsorship, mentorship, and strengthening the ATS community.

Parent’s Network (North America)

Engage, advocate, and receive support as parents within the ATS community.

* Rewards and benefits differ based on region. Not all benefits listed are available in all regions

Empowering through giving

We are committed to community and environmental initiatives. We empower our employees with volunteer hours for causes they care about, embracing a holistic approach to corporate responsibility.

We are hiring the workforce of tomorrow – today!