Life at ATS


Embrace new and exciting challenges at ATS

Innovation and growth are at the heart of every opportunity at ATS. We are driven by our purpose to make the world a little better every day. You will find yourself at the forefront of innovation, working on a variety of dynamic and rewarding projects to move our purpose forward. We offer a supportive and collaborative environment where we nurture your talents and skills. Together, we can create solutions that positively impact lives around the world.

“We recognize that our business can directly and meaningfully affect our environment and society, and we seek to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative ones through our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and management.”

Andrew Hider

CEO ATS Corporation


Be Part of a Community Workplace

At ATS, we provide an enriching environment of comradery and engagement. We believe that our employees are the foundation of our success, and we strive to create a space that is more than just work. We aim to create a dynamic community that thrives  on fostering connections and creating lasting memories.


Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA

We’ve had the amazing opportunity to enjoy Cirquedu Soleil’s KOOZA with our fellow colleagues and family members for a visual, stimulating experience.The live entertainment, full of fun acrobatic tricks and creative artistry, was such an amazing and unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait to have the chance to go back again!


ATS Bowling Night

Every week, we hold competitions to give us a chance to show off our bowling skills and team spirit. It is a great way to unwind and engage in some friendly competition and good old-fashioned fun.


Blue Jays vs. Cleveland Guardians

There is nothing quite like the energy of watching sports with a passionate crowd! From hockey to baseball, we cheer on the local athletes with our friends and family members and show off our team pride.


Halloween Trunk-or-Treat

We celebrate the spooky season with our Halloween Trunk-or-Treat event! We love to get down and creative with our Halloween costume and trunk designs, from pop culture references to spooky classics.


Employee Appreciation BBQ (May 2023)

Every year, we fire up the grill and celebrate the heart and soul of our organization: our amazing employees! We get the chance to enjoy some great food and music from our very own band and to celebrate all the individuals who help make our company shine.


Retirement Parties

We thank our retiring employees for their many years of service with a huge celebration! We have become friends over the years, and it is always hard to say goodbye. We even have long-time colleagues who retired years ago stop by to celebrate.


Sommerfest 2022

Every year, we love to have some fun in the sun with a barbecue! It is the ultimate summer experience as we lounge under the warm sun and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues.


Be part of the future of manufacturing technology

At ATS, we are not just embracing the future of manufacturing technology; we constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. We encourage our team to put their minds together to challenge conventional processes and pioneer innovations that will redefine the industry. As the world enters the fourth Industrial Revolution, we will continue to be part of the transformative journey to make positive impacts on the world.

Give Back

Make a difference in our communities

We believe in being a part of something greater, and we are committed to making a positive impact in our work and in the communities we serve. It is our mission to make a lasting difference in the world for years to come. It’s not just about what we do; it’s about how we do it.


Earth Day cleanup

We give back to our community in more ways than one. We strive to lead by example and be a force of positive change in everything we do. Leading up to Earth Day, our leadership team has joined up with the City of Cambridge, Ontario to clean up Riverside Park and to help restore its natural beauty.


Wounded Warriors Project

The Wounded Warriors Project is a non-profit organization that strives to commemorate and empower injured veterans and service members to adjust to life as civilians after service. To honour the employees for their contributions to the military and to ATS Global Service, the Wellbeing Committee teamed up with Industrial Automation in Wixom to gather donations, amounting to $1500.


German Depression Aid and Suicide Prevention Foundation

Every year, our employees in Urbach, Germany, make donations to a cause that they care about. In 2023, they chose the German Depression Aid and Suicide Prevention Foundation. With over 5 million in depression and over 100,000 in suicide attempts in the country, they donated 5000€ to help the Foundation better educate, research, and treat those in need.

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