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Creating solutions that positively impact lives around the world

Creating solutions that positively impact around the world

At ATS, we are global leaders for advanced automation solutions. Our innovations enable customers to deliver products and services to their markets that drive progress and improve lives.

Through an uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement, we create value for both customers and shareholders. This allows us to give back to our employees and community in meaningful ways.

As a member of the ATS Corporation group of companies, ATS Global Service, provides more than solutions; we craft enduring partnerships, ensuring that our clients thrive in the dynamic landscape of automated manufacturing.

Creating solutions that positively impact lives around the world is not just our purpose, it’s yours too, and we are dedicated to delivering operational excellence at every stage of your journey.

Our values


Having the best team and winning as a team

  • The foundation of a great company is having the best team which is why we continuously work to develop, engage, empower and energize our people.
  • We support our people to foster a safe, positive, and inclusive work environment where everyone is respected and given the opportunity to do their best.


Our commitment to continuous improvement

  • We align around the ATS Business Model to pursue continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.
  • With a balance of strategic thinking and tactical execution, we ensure that we are delivering value for our customers today and in the future.


Delivering results for our customers, shareholders and employees

  • We compete to win everyday, always with uncompromising integrity and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
  • We develop innovative solutions to complex problems, and deliver a unique value that fuels growth in our markets.
  • We own our results and have full accountability to creating value for our customers and shareholders.

Our culture

We are collaborative

Realize the potential of your installed automated manufacturing systems, and empower the people that operate and maintain them.

We are innovative

Our customers push the boundaries of productivity. We develop solutions to meet their needs and keep them at the head of the pack.

We are data-centric

We believe in the power of data. We use it to quickly identify opportunities to make your operations more efficient.

We are results driven

We are passionate about making manufacturing better. We evaluate cost and benefit to recommend investments that will yield the greatest results.

Business model

ATS Corporation is a decentralized organization united by a common purpose, approach, and values expressed as the ATS Business Model (ABM). The ATS Business Model is a robust business management system, fostering disciplined, continuous improvement throughout our diverse organizations. By aligning on essential problem-solving tools and a standardized framework for waste elimination and process enhancement, the ABM empowers personnel, elevates customer satisfaction, and optimizes returns.


At ATS, we’re not just building a company. We’re building a better future.

Our purpose and values are centered on making the world a better place. Our ATS business models helps us to reduce waste in our customers’ operations as well as in our own operations.

We develop innovative solutions that help machines run more efficiently and reduce the need for to trips to site.

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