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Automated manufacturing processes are highly complex, requiring high levels of reliability to produce consistent and high-quality products. Any failure in the system can have significant impact on throughput, quality, safety and costs.

Manufacturers can mitigate the risk of errors, defects, and downtime by ensuring that each component, machine, and procedure functions as intended and can withstand various stressors and uncertainties.

Our comprehensive reliability engineering services provide asset management strategies, asset health practices and tailored loss elimination support that produce sustainable operational performance improvements, and maximize return on invested capital.

Asset Management Gap Analysis and Improvement Plan

Evaluate the site asset management program focused on people, process, data, and sustainability. Delivers a comprehensive Gap Analysis Report accompanied by an Improvement Plan (AMIP) / Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP), to address prioritized gaps and optimize operating investment, performance, costs, and risk.

Reliability Strategy Optimization

Encompasses maintenance and reliability asset data development and analysis to deliver optimized Proactive Maintenance Tasks (PMs) and prioritize spare parts that address the root causes of equipment failure to mitigate potential failures.

Deliverables support an improved maintenance and reliability program that provides measurable return on investment, increased asset reliability, and production throughput.

System Performance Optimization

Evaluation of asset Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through Root Cause Failure Analysis and OEE optimization through findings implementation that can include reliability strategy optimization, operator and technician training and skills development, technology application for performance monitoring, key performance indicator dashboard, and capital upgrades.

Risk-Based Spare Part List

Encompasses reliability strategy spare parts prioritization to deliver a risk-based recommended spare parts list and analysis of part lead times, costs, demand, turnover, stock levels, cycle time, reorder point, safety stock, economic order quantity, and purchase justification.

Total Cost of Ownership Optimization

Encompasses Life Cycle Cost Analysis, System Design for Reliability, Operational Uptime and Availability Optimization, Utility Energy Consumption Analysis, and Service Level Agreement Optimization to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership and optimized capital and operating investments.

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Lifecycle services

Maximize Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) over the lifespan of your automated manufacturing systems.

Startup services

Accelerate ramp-up and reduce time to full production.

Digital services

Improve operational performance and maintenance practices with advanced analytics and on-demand access to expert support.

The ATS Service advantage

  • Comprehensive lifecycle service portfolio
  • Large, multidisciplinary workforce
  • Highly refined processes for testing and optimizing complex automation systems
  • Global footprint
  • Warranted work

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