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What’s new with Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence (January 2024)

by Lisa Rush, Product Manager, ATS Service

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Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence software is always evolving. Here is a quick overview of some of the most significant new features and enhancements in recent months. For more information or to book a demo speak with your ATS account representative of contact ATS Global Service.

Energy and Emissions Add-on Module

Monitor energy per part to calculate carbon footprint.

Released v.5.2.9 in Dec 2023 – For ATS machines equipped with electrical and pneumatic metering and the Illuminate™ Energy and Emissions Add-on Module delivers energy and carbon footprint summaries with total and per part energy and CO2 equivalent consumption information.

Insights Add-on Module

Analytics with actionable intelligence.

Released v.5.2.7: The Insights Add-On Module is a virtual assistant that monitors automated manufacturing system performance (machine data) and looks for emerging trends. When an insight is generated, users subscribed to that equipment insight type will be notified. Insights notifications are written with clear language identifying the problem and potential cause.

Debug Add-on Module supports new High Speed (1000 fps) & High Definition (1080p) Debug Cameras

Event-triggered video capture for automation system troubleshooting.

New Camera Support Released v.5.2.6: The Debug Add-On is an easy to use, patent-pending event-triggered video capture system that facilitates manufacturing process improvements, root cause analysis, and helps troubleshoot fast automaton equipment or infrequent process issues, which may be difficult to see with the human eye. NOTE: The ATS Illuminate™ Debug Solution is also available as a standalone kit (see video below).

Predictive Maintenance Add-on Module

Assists in isolating equipment behavior anomalies.

US Patent No. 11,449,778 B2 was issued on September 20, 2022 to ATS Corporation for Systems and Methods for modeling a manufacturing assembly line. This patent includes capabilities in the Illuminate™ Predictive Maintenance Add-on Module that analyzes device cycle time data, identifies patterns, and assigns a device level health score to assist in isolating equipment behavior anomalies. Health scoring flags suspect devices exhibiting changes in frequency or performance so repair actions can be taken to address and pre-empt unnecessary downtime.

Illuminate Audit Trail

Allows viewing of user actions and changes.

The Illuminate software feature known as Audit Trail has existed for several years, but it has steadily evolved with additional support for modules along with enhancements.  In v.5.2.9, the Audit Trail feature now includes Action Targets with a search filter that enables users to trace and view audited actions by their targets, streamlining the backtrack of changes.

About Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is an on-premise real-time production performance monitoring system that simplifies the collection and analysis of data from automated manufacturing systems. The flexible, scalable architecture of Illuminate software can be deployed on a single machine or extended across the entire plant floor for system-wide operational visibility and insight.

Popular use cases include:

  • Real-time monitoring of machine health and production performance
  • Early detection of faults so that corrective action can be taken, thereby reducing frequency of unplanned downtime events
  • Identifying opportunities to improve production processes and eliminate waste
  • Pinpointing the root cause of infrequent faults that are difficult to observe

Visit this webpage for more information about Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence.


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