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New site. New service experience. The new ats-service.com

by ATS Service

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We are excited to announce a new online experience for manufacturers at ats-service.com.  

Our new website is a platform to share our 40+ years of knowledge and expertise in industrial asset management, and a tool for customers to connect with ATS Global Service to control operating costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and maintain optimal performance over the lifecycle of their industrial automation systems.

Connect with an ATS service representative

Our global organization is made up of different facilities, teams, and service professionals, each with their own unique capabilities, expertise, and industry experience.

For maintenance and support, or to order spare parts, contact ATS Global Service or the ATS division that supplied your equipment.

Contact our team for help and support.

Personalize your service experience using the ATS Customer Portal 

The ATS Customer Portal provides our customers with 24/7 web access to a wide array of tools and resources to enhance and personalize the service experience. Beyond greater access to ATS service personnel, the ATS Customer Portal serves as a centralized platform for:

  • Requesting and tracking service support tickets,
  • Verifying parts order status,
  • Looking up asset information such as recommended parts lists,
  • Accessing the ATS Knowledgebase, and more!

Purchase ATS Genuine Parts through the ATS eCommerce Platform 

Customers can access the ATS eCommerce storefront through the ATS Customer Portal. This digital platform streamlines the procurement process, allowing customers to easily purchase the parts and components needed to maintain their automated manufacturing systems and reduce fulfillment time.

The ATS eCommerce Platform offers:

  • Electrical and mechanical components from top suppliers;
  • Real-time visibility into price, availability, and fulfillment times;
  • Quicker parts identification through predictive search and parts visualizations;
  • Efficient parts ordering through a personalized recommended parts list; and more!

Speak with an ATS Account Manager to learn more.

Learn about our lifecycle services and solutions 

We use our knowledge, skills and experience to help manufacturers improve performance, control operating costs, and reduce unplanned downtime.

Our capabilities include:

  • ATS Lifecycle Service Plans – proactive support to maximize the operating efficiency of your equipment
  • IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence – a device-agnostic, production performance monitoring system that simplifies the collection and analysis of data from automated manufacturing systems
  • Triad Unlimited – professional asset management, reliability, and maintenance subject matter experts with comprehensive industry experience in performance improvements, serving as ATS’ Reliability Center of Excellence

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